Greg Nanigian was encouraged to get back into racing by several friends at the Church of Abundant Life. "I thought and prayed on it for several months" said Greg. "I believe God then put it in my heart to start the Abundant Life Race Charity. For this was a way to take my resources and my gift for racing and use it to help others."


Our purpose is to raise money through sponsorship and donations to support mission trips. 100% of all money raised through this effort goes to support the mission trips which focus is combatting the human sex slave trade.


The Abundant Life Race Charity is growing, but it remains an all volunteer ministry. In addition to the Crew, there is now a staff of six men and women who are helping to populate the website and raise awareness. There are several sponsors who believe in the cause and are developing the web site and printed materials at no charge.

Racing is cool

Greg and his car are awesome, come out and see him race!
Contact Greg to arrange for him to speak at your meeting, church or group.


Buy our stuff, support our cause!

Below, we have tee shirts! Soon we will add other items which we have designed. Show your support for Abundant Life Race Charity!
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The Fantastic Four.

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. And these 4 people have been fighting that tyranny.

Greg Nanigian

Greg is the founder of Race Charity. He is the force behind all that happens here. He has a passion to race and a passion to help people.


Yvonne is the woman responsible for most of the content and community outreach. She is also a famous superheroine by night.

Pastor Ron Ray

Ron is the best pastor and his passion for the lost is unmatched. His skills are unmatched and the stuff he does is simply amazing.

Pastor Chris Amadee

Young and energetic. His ability to get'er done is without match.

We need volunteers!

Community outreach, sales people, race team members, etc. Join us and help save the world one person at a time! Drop an email at info@racecharity.org

A big thanks to NANMAC for being a corporate sponsor!


We'd to hear from you!

We need you to be connected with us, to donate to the cause, become a corporate sponsor, set up a speaking engagement, send a story or even to send a word of encouragement.

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